Jump Into Joy

A few years ago, in meditation, I received the message that it was time to Trust and to Surrender. As a childhood abuse and trauma survivor, I have developed so many strategies to keep going, keep functioning, keep trying. I never let them see me hurting. I stay hyper-vigilant at all times. I have developed so many self-protective habits that the idea of surrendering enough to let go, and trusting that everything would be okay, is a terrifying prospect.

Taking Baby Steps out of Pain into Positivity

When I finally found the courage and started speaking my truth, owning my story, and feeling like I deserved to be here, the physical pains started to lessen. As I learned to feel like I had some worth and I let some joy in, the blocks started to shift and move and I let some energy flow to that part of my body that was so wounded. I sent love to the little girl that was hurt and told her that it wasn’t her fault.