Are you hurting in your womb? So much is going on right now in our global and national community that makes us hurt deeply in our center of nurturing. I also heard that there is a lunar eclipse throwing off the pull of our hormones on our bodies and our emotions. I know that I have been feeling it.

Deep in our bellies, we should be holding our creative force. This is where we should feel most alive and joyful. If you are feeling pain in this center of your being, then what message might it be sending you? What can you do with that information?

How do you stay balanced and healthy when it seems like the world is falling apart?

When I was living every day as a victim, it hurt me not only emotionally, but physically. By the time I became a teenager, instead of feeling like I was blossoming into my full self, I had pelvic pain and abdominal/digestive pain every day. It hurt when I ovulated. I had really painful periods. I bled for 20 days out of the 28 and I was sore from all of the chemicals that they put in feminine products. I had ultrasounds and a colonoscopy and a laparoscopy, but they couldn’t find anything visibly wrong that they could cut out or cure. They put me on the pill for ten years, but that just shuts off your creativity along with your fertility as they attempt to regulate your cycle. After I went off the pill, I found that I couldn’t conceive.

I believed in living naturally, but I was always seeing medical specialists who just kept telling me to numb it and keep going because they didn’t know what was wrong. If they had ever asked to hear my story, it would have made sense that I was hurting.

When I finally found the courage and started speaking my truth, owning my story, and feeling like I deserved to be here, the physical pains started to lessen. As I learned to feel like I had some worth and I let some joy in, the blocks started to shift and move and I let some energy flow to that part of my body that was so wounded. I sent love to the little girl that was hurt and told her that it wasn’t her fault.

Becoming a mother was so healing for me in so many ways. A large part of that was that I had to send love to my babies and I had to be present with my body to be present with them. I had to learn to be strong and powerful for them. In what I call my Mothering Mission, I heal as I move through each phase with my children.  As I moved through each each age with them, I started to understand that the needs that I had as a child were normal and natural.  I wanted to be held and touched lovingly. I wanted to be seen and heard. I wanted to matter. It finally made sense how living in a home without touch or affection left me vulnerable to the attention of abusers.


A few months ago, my second book Magdalena Moments was published. In it I share the steps that I took to heal. On social media they always say stuff like “Just Let Go” or “Think Positive” or “Forgive,” and while those are all very healing when you finally get there, it takes a lot of baby steps to be able to do those things. I am in a number of support groups for abuse and trauma survivors, and I need to meet them where they are, and show them just one baby step to take today, that will move them in that direction. Many times when someone says it like it should be easy, it is just more evidence feeding that internal voice that reminds you that you are broken and that you can’t do anything right. This is why I wanted to show people that I did not start off here. I wanted to show where I started and how it was a long journey.

Today I am pain free, medication-free, and I can dance and sing and hike mountains and pick up my own kids (and they are getting big!)  I have really short periods that don’t leave me curled up on the couch with heating pads and painkillers and special tea. I don’t need to wear a back brace or abdominal brace anymore! I don’t need to go see the doctors every week. I am starting to be able to think positive thoughts without feeling like it makes me look stupid or gullible. I am learning to let go. I am able to forgive, not just those who hurt me (that was easy because I thought I deserved it) but actually forgive myself and love myself. It look time.

I want to share my story so that you know that you can get there too.

  • You can get where you don’t need to take medication all the time.
  • You can get to where you feel joyful and abundant
  • You can have a life that is good and feels full.
  • You can let go of the guilt and the shame and find peace.
  • You can get to where you feel alive and fulfilled.
  • You can define your own success and then make steps to make that dream your everyday reality.


In my books I show you the path so that you can take one step in that direction, and then another and another. The first one is the hardest. Then it becomes a habit as you learn to step outside of your comfort zone and into a better life.

For many of my clients, like myself, the physical pain is the point of entry. They are tired of hurting and tired of the pain keeping them from doing the things that they want to do.

Where are you hurting?
What are the activities that you miss out on because you don’t feel physically able to participate?
Usually when we trace the story of why the body has that pain, it shows us the patterns and then we can look at the root cause and see where it started. When we heal it at the root, it doesn’t need to keep coming back again. When you just put a band-aid on it or numb it, it usually come back again and again.

I remember I used to sprain my ankles every year and get sore throats every winter.

What are your patterns?

Are you tired of them?

Are you just tired?

Would you like to have more energy?

In addition to sharing my story in my books, I share some ideas and things for you to try.

I share the books that I read and the visualizations that I used as I was working my way through. 

I have a workbook with journal prompts and meditations to use as you work your way through the seven levels of healing.

In Magdalena Moments, I talk about when God gave me the ultimate test that addressed all of my body issues, trust issues, money issues and brought up all of my worst fears. Now, I am on the other side of that telling the story of how I pushed through that and came out the other side.

If you are interested in joining us for the next 7 week reading group, send me some feedback on what time of day works for you. And if you would rather get super focused and start making changes today, you can always book a private session and dive in to your own story with energetic healing support.

If you can’t join us in the reading group, you can always curl up in bed and read the book on your own. Then, please message me and share with me how it inspired you to take steps on your own journey.

This work is so important, but there are a lot of people out there who would rather that we stay silent and just pretend that it is okay that children are abused, and on the days when it feels hard, I cherish your stories about how my work is inspiring you and that keeps me going.

If you already finished reading the book, please post your Customer Review on Amazon. The reviews help the book to reach a larger audience and then it is able to help another person on their healing journey.  I want all of the women to know that they are enough, that they deserve good things, and that they can heal.

michelle2Blessings on Your journey, Michelle

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