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Magdalena Moments

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Are you ready to surrender the things in your life that cause you pain? Can you let go? It’s easier said than done.

I find that trust and surrender are the hardest stage of the healing process. I feel like when people see me at this stage, they don’t understand how many steps I took to get here. I want to share the message that you can heal. You don’t need to be in pain. There are simple things that you can try in the comfort of your own home as you practice moving outside of your comfort zone and stepping into being your full self. I hope that my journey inspires you to take steps on your own healing journey.

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Praise for Magdalena Moments:

Magdalena Moments is the anticipated sequel to The Birth of Magdalena, both very intimate accounts of trauma and recovery, of birth and postpartum, and of raising children and the opportunity for deep personal discovery that parenting provides. Magdalena Moments takes the reader on yet another transformative journey of self-discovery by the author, through personal experiences examined through the lens of courage, faith and love. The author writes with honesty and wisdom, revealing her wide-open heart and her deep authenticity, which encourages the reader to explore their own. The structure of the book takes us on a journey through the body’s 7 Chakras, as they correlate to the author’s 7 Mothering Missions, and each of the 7 chapters contain interactive exercises which help forge a path to our own discoveries. Mb Antevasin’s powerful journey is one that encourages the reader to embark upon their very own. Magdalena Moments is the lantern we can use to light our way.

-Tisha Graham CPM, ICCE, ICD, CLC


I found The Birth of Magdalena through my work as a birth and postpartum doula, and I loved being able to pick up the story with Magdalena Moments. I feel like I traveled with Michelle through her childhood and becoming a mother and it’s great to see how she managed life and healing as a mom. She has learned so much and I am glad that she wants to share it with us. The “Things to Try” at the end of each chapter helped me to take steps on my own healing journey.

-Sarah McCormick, Sweet Fern Doula

As a mother of three, Magdalena Moments spoke to my heart. Mothers who are doing the messy, rewarding work of tending young children need reminders that motherhood is a journey, that we grow both as mothers and as our own selves as our children grow. This book is a must-read for any mother in the trenches looking for guidance in mapping out their mothering journey. -Nancy Cavillones



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