Science and Spirituality

I hate to tell you, but the tools and techniques that science has found to be the most effective are things that sound kind of spiritual or “natural”. They tell you to try exercise and meditation. They tell you to learn to be mindful and present. They have even found that hugs can heal and prayer works. They say to go outside in nature. It all works.

The Meaning Of Antevasin

When I started writing my story it was because women would say things to me like; “well, you can do that because you are strong” or “oh, you are that type of woman, but I am not”... and I was always a little shocked and perplexed because I still did not feel strong or courageous. … Continue reading The Meaning Of Antevasin

The Birth of Magdalena: A Personal Journey Towards Healing

I wrote the book The Birth of Magdalena about healing your wounds and finding your power. It is a story about a journey, shared in hopes of inspiring other women on their own journeys towards healing . We do not only carry our own wounds with us, we are carrying the effects of wounds that went unhealed … Continue reading The Birth of Magdalena: A Personal Journey Towards Healing