I got a lovely message from one of my Birth Support for Survivors workshop attendees. It makes my heart sing to hear feedback like this!

It is time to start the healing. If you work with women in the childbearing years, consider joining us for an upcoming training or contact me to arrange a workshop in your area.

“I’ve been wanting to thank you for weeks now, for the very informative training.

I have been looking for a training like the one you presented, for years.

And the times I’ve been able to sit in a conference or training about sexual abuse, it has more to do with policy, who to report things to etc.

They never touch on mental, spiritual, physical manifestations/ ways to heal/ be present with someone etc.

Where I found the other presentations to be PowerPoint bullets, I found yours to be human and real.

Thank you, thank you.”

butterfly woman

Birth Support for Survivors: A Workshop For Doulas, Midwives and Women’s Care Providers

Learn more about the prevalence and significance of this important public health issue and its impact on birth, practice techniques to use with clients and go home with tools to sustain you in this important work. (Approved for 7 hours DONA Continuing Education credits which are also accepted by many other organizations for continuing education)

  •  Physical, Emotional, Sexual Abuse Survivors
  •  Childhood Abuse or Trauma
  •  Previous Traumatic Birth
  •  Cesarean and VBAC

During the Workshop you will learn more about:

  • Why Birth Matters, Awakening/Healing or a Re-traumatization
  • Experiences/interactions with clients with history of abuse or trauma
  • Prevalence, Statistics, Overview of Physical Symptoms/Red Flags
  • Self-Healing Techniques (for yourself and to teach your clients)
  • Major Barriers to Effective Communication by Caregivers and practicing better ways to communicate with Survivors
  • Your Role in working with survivors
  • Universal Tools for Healing
  • Your Take Home Plan


Contact me at mbantevasin@yahoo.com or on facebook if you are interested in scheduling a workshop in your area.


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