Author of The Birth of Magdalena: A Personal Journey Towards Healing

Healing is about letting go of everything that isn’t YOU… that’s why my book says “a journey towards healing”… it took a lot of growth and pain and lessons-learned just to wake up to the fact that I am on this journey. And every day I am challenged to take another step, to live more authentically, to shed another expectation or belief and let the world see a little more of my TRUE SELF.


You know how a tree’s roots are just as big as its branches…you just can’t see them? That is how I’ve been thinking about the fact that people can’t see the Real ME. I feel like my branches were trimmed and cut, and I lost a few in big storms… but underneath I am growing stronger roots, and someday I will surprise you and I will burst forth in BLOOM! I have big things coming… don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I share my story with you in the hope that it will inspire you to take another step on your own journey.

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