The Baby Fair You Can Attend From Home


As a doula committed to helping mothers on their healing journey,  I am thrilled to be included in the Parent2B Conference, a virtual baby fair that begins on February 1st and goes for the whole month.

When you’re a million months pregnant, wouldn’t you rather stay home than haul yourself to some crowded, hot venue designed to overload your senses, just to get some information about parenting?

If you’re anything like me, the answer is YES! That’s why I love the idea of this virtual baby fair, and I hope you’ll join me there.  I’m not pregnant but it is important to me to know how to support the pregnant women I work with, and I’m speaking at the conference on February 25th at 7:30pm. 

I’m speaking on the Importance of Ritual and Rites of Passages for Parenting. You are not just welcoming a new baby into your family, you are becoming a parent. This is a huge transformation and this change deserves to be honored. You need to give yourself permission to feel how significant this is.

Whether you are new to parenting or you are expecting another baby, this is a significant moment on your parenting journey.

It is important to mark this rite of passage, but it need not be an elaborate process.

In my webinar I will teach you some simple techniques that you can fit into your everyday life.

You can create rituals for simple things like daily self-care or create ceremony for larger family transitions.

Learning to create your own ceremonies that fit into your life and have special meaning to you and your family is an important skill that will help you to move through all of the phases of parenting your child(ren.)

I will give you some simple things to try that you can do in the comfort of your own home or while driving your minivan.

I will also talk about the importance of rituals in our lives and cover some of the basics of how this actually works to make you and family healthier.

And I have a special promotion that I am offering to the attendees… join me to find out how to receive your gift.

Parent2B Conference

Registration is FREE, and you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to a VIP Pass for $24.99 to get lifetime access to all the presentations, plus access to discounts and freebies from presenters, worth over $8000.

 The Parent2B Conference brings together a line-up of amazing speakers covering all aspects of parenting, from prenatal to postpartum for 30 days of presentations, access to free and discounted services and products, and surprise giveaways.

All presentations are scheduled in the evenings (working moms, rejoice!) and each presentation is recorded, so you can catch it later, if you miss a evening, and because, let’s be honest– it is rare that we get 30 free evenings in a row, right? (Recordings are only available to VIP Passholders.)

Registration for this conference is FREE!

Upgrade to the VIP Pass for $24.99 to get:

> Access to recordings of every session
> Access to a community of expecting parents
> Free and discounted products and services, valued at over $8000
> 50+ experts in pregnancy, birth, parenting, relationships and more

Tickets are available NOW and the conference opens on February 1st!



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